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Clipboard Pro FAQ

Why would you need such a program anyway?

When working with any documents, it is very often necessary to do the following:

  • copy some fragments from various parts of a document to one place;
  • At some moment or another you need to get a text string from Clipboard Pro that you have copied there before. To paste the most recent string from the Clipboard, you do not need to open Clipboard Pro, it is just enough to use the standard text editor commands.
Unfortunately, the standard Windows Clipboard does not allow you to perform such operations, as it keeps only the most recent data.

In what ways does Clipboard Pro differ from similar products?

Clipboard Pro was created for those users that work a lot with various text documents (using any text editor). That is why it has nothing unnecessary, Clipboard Pro is a convenient (the user's operations are maximally optimized when he is working with the program) and easy-to-use product having an attractive price. When the user is working with the program, the sequences of operations is as follows:

  • You edit a text, copy it to the Clipboard using the standard text editor commands and the data is automatically saved in Clipboard Pro.
  • get from the Clipboard a text fragment that was put there long ago (the Clipboard keeps the information all the time);
  • compile a vocabulary consisting of the most frequently used text fragments for future use.
  • So you press a key combination that opens the needed Clipboard Pro window (specified in the Options, for example, Ctrl+Shift+H).
  • Find the string with a quick search.
  • Press Enter or double-click.
  • The text is placed onto the Windows Clipboard and is automatically pasted to the current position in the text editor.

Do data remain on the clipboard after the computer is restarted?


Are data from the clipboard kept in RAM?

Yes. It provides a quick access to the data.

Can the clipboard store pictures?

No. Clipboard Pro is used to work with various code pages (Unicode, ANSI, OEM).

Why do I need to send the contents of the clipboard via -mail?

Sometimes it is necessary to send a text fragment via e-mail to a friend or a colleague. To do that, you usually copy the text onto the Clipboard, then open your mail client, create a new message, select a recipient and paste the text from the Clipboard. Clipboard Pro allows you to create an e-mail message with just one click after you copy the text onto the Clipboard. All you have to do is specify the recipient.

Is it possible to use Clipboard Pro together with other similar programs on one computer?

Yes, it is. Clipboard Pro does not interfere with the work of other applications using the Windows Clipboard.

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