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What is Clipboard Pro?

Standard Clipboard of OS Microsoft® Windows allows to store only the recent saved data. This is especially inconvenient when you work with program texts and with large documents. Any document or source text contains a big number of repeating words and phrases. If you often write documents in some data domain (finance, history, etc.) then all of them contain the same set of terms and phrases. Surely you had an idea when you typed a phrase or a long word, that you wrote that already just recently. I don't mention software developers. The source code contains 80% of repeating words and constructions. Often you need to send a small fragment of a document or program source to your colleague or friend by e-mail. You know how many actions you need to do for that. And Clipboard Pro offers an elegant solution for all these tasks.

Clipboard Pro Features

The main features of Clipboard Pro:

  • Automatically saves all data copied onto the Windows Clipboard using the standard editor commands;
  • Saves the data even when the computer is turned off;
  • The oldest data are constantly removed from the list when new data are added;
  • Able to compile a permanent list;
  • Automatically pastes data from Clipboard Pro into the current position of the active editor with just one key stroke;
  • Has an easy-to-use and very convenient user interface allowing you to perform the necessary operations with minimum key strokes;
  • Uses Groups for working with different types of documents;
  • Supports various code pages: Unicode, OEM, ANSI;
  • Sends the contents of the Clipboard via e-mail.

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